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Do I get to choose my own model?
Yes. If you do not have your own model we will provide one for you.

Where do I find out about the technical rules for the competition?

Refer to the designer manual. For questions not addressed in the manual, please contact us at

Can my kids attend the paper fashion show?

Yes. Friends and family are more then welcome to attend, however they will need to purchase tickets. Please be aware that, while most fashions are family-friendly, some could include more risqué material.

Who does hair and makeup?

ADCD will provide complementary hair and makeup services for models, if needed, via appointments made in advance, or you may coordinate your own hair and makeup. This is a professional runway show, if you do not use the services ADCD provides, please make sure your model’s hair and makeup look professional.

Are there awards/prizes?

Yes, paper trophies are presented at the conclusion of the show.

What are the design judging categories?
This year’s judging categories will be:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place
  • Star Student – This award goes to the design from a student team (college or younger) that the judges feel best encompasses the judging criteria.
  • Art Director’s Spirit – This award goes to a design created by a communications, marketing, branding or advertising professional team, for example: Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Copywriters, Photographers, and Illustrators, which the judges feel best encompasses the judging criteria.
  • DAVA Favorite – This award will be chosen by student representatives from DAVA.

If I sign up now but have to drop out, can I get a refund?
No, we are unable to give refunds. Additionally, if your team drops out, you lose the two designer tickets included in design team registration.

How many designs can I have in the show?
One (1) design per team. If you wish to create a more than one fashion, you will need to register for an additional entry.

Are there restrictions on how big/maneuverable my paper design can be?
Yes. Models will need to ascend and descend stairs to the catwalk. We will make every attempt to accommodate your design but space is limited. Please contact us at if you are concerned about your design.

Can my friends and family come backstage?

No. Only two designers per team and ADCD Paper Fashion Show™ Staff are allowed in the backstage preparation area. Additionally, only models and ADCD Staff are allowed backstage in the ballroom.

Will I get an official catwalk photo of my design?

Yes. You will be provided a photo and can purchase additional photos.

What happens to my design after the show is over?
Immediately following the show, models will be escorted from backstage into the ballroom for an audience meet and greet. This is an opportunity for designs to be seen and admired up close and personal. Following this, paper sponsors are allowed to buy any fashion in the show. Paper sponsors put the fashions on display at trade shows and in their showrooms to show the versatility and beauty of their paper. This also helps them garner support from the higher-ups making future show sponsorship (and the ability to provide the paper complimentary) possible. In most cases the paper sponsors are willing to negotiate return of the fashion to the designers but this is not guaranteed. Paper sponsors have also been very accommodating in the past, understanding that this is a work of art that you put a lot of time and effort into, and attempt to make arrangements for the designer to be directly involved in shipping, setting up the display, etc.

How do I get paper?
Designers choose a paper swatch book at Paper Swatch Book Pick Up on Saturday, January 23, 2016 (at The Source, from 10am-12pm). Swatch book pickup is on a first come, first served basis. Paper is then ordered from your swatch book through Veritiv. Teams should order paper at least one month prior to the show in order to assure adequate time to receive the paper and create your fashion. More details will be provided at Paper Swatch Book Pick Up.

How much paper do I get?

We will provide you with a guide as to how much paper should be ordered at Paper Swatch Book Pick Up.

Do I get to choose the paper?
You may use any paper from whichever swatch book you choose at the Paper Swatch Book Pick Up. In some instances there are exceptions or exclusions, as noted in individual swatch books, in accordance with paper availability through Veritiv.

Once I get my paper swatch, who do I contact to order paper or for paper questions?
You can contact this year’s design lead at for all your paper questions. Do not call individual Veritiv stores- they are not involved in the Paper Fashion Show.

How many tickets does each design team recieve?

Team registration includes two (2) General Seating tickets for team members, and only two (2) team members will be allowed backstage with their model. However, all team members will be recognized at the show for their contributions.

What type of ticket/seating options are available for the show?
In addition to VIP Seating (first several rows off of the runway), there will be General Seating (remaining seated rows behind VIP), and General Admission (standing room behind seated VIP and General Seating). Please note that General Admission are standing room only and no seating will be available. Limited standing cabaret tables are available throughout the room. Two large projection screens with a live runway feed is viewable throughout the entire room.

How much time does it take to make a fashion?

This depends on you and your design. It’s best to start as early as possible.

What is included in the team registration price?

Admission for two (2) designers to the show, paper, hair & makeup for your model, supplied model if needed, and photo of your fashion.

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