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ADCD Paper Fashion Show™

11th Annual ADCD Paper Fashion Show

The ADCD Paper Fashion Show™ on April 10, 2015 showcases the innovative and creative talent of designers, artists, creative directors, and fashion enthusiasts because all great designs begin with paper. Be part of the largest paper fashion show in the nation.

Proceeds from the show benefit ADCD’s scholarship fund and Downtown Aurora Visual Arts (DAVA,, which provides community-based arts education programs for at-risk youth ages 3 to 17. The Art Directors Club of Denver has donated more than $36,500 to DAVA since the ADCD Paper Fashion Show’s™ conception in 2004.


ADCD Paper Fashion Show, 2015 Winners

1st Place – Valkyrie

All Designers:  Sydnee Masias
Team Type: Student
Affiliation: University of Colorado Denver
Swatch: Neenah Classic Linen
Model: Devyn Masias


2nd Place – Arachnophobia

Team: Carlos Valles
All Designers:  Carlos Valles and Rosa Cabrera
Team Type: Student
Swatch: Neenah Classic Laid
Model: Lisa Sherman


3rd Place – Falcon Fancy

Team: Da Ream Team
All Designers:  Mia Huang, Courtney McArtor and Lyndie Raymond
Team Type: Professional
Affiliation: Anthem Branding
Swatch: Mohawk VIA
Model: Bri Cooper


DAVA’s Choice – Victorian SteamPunk, After the Apocalypse

Team: Triple J Design
All Designers:  Jessica Jacobucci and Carrie Jacobucci
Team Type: Student
Affiliation: Apex Academy
Swatch: French Paper Speckletone
Model: Amy Stonehocker

DAVAsChoice_Victorian SteamPunkAfter the Apocalypes_TripleJDesign


Star Student – Coeur De Cristal (French for Crystal Heart)

Team: Chaparral Fashion Club
All Designers:  Gianna Tarka, Kassidy Yehl and Pamela Gonzales
Team Type: Student
Affiliation: Chaparral High School
Swatch: YUPO Synthetic Paper
Model: Mandy Lambert

StarStudent_CoeurDeCristal_Chaparral Fashion Club

That’s Made of Paper?! – Dark Matter

Team: Flying Pigs
All Designers:  Kim Lim and Rith Lim
Team Type: Professional
Swatch: FiberMark SuedeTex
nxt|Model: Diandra Reed

ThatsMadeOfPaper_DarkMatter_Flying Pigs

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