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The Art Directors Club of Denver has served the creative community of Denver and the Rocky Mountain region for over fifty years. And how things have changed.

On August 19, 1955, six people got together and founded the Art Director’s Club of Denver. It’s purpose was for members to benefit from the exchange of ideas, discuss mutual problems, and cooperate as a group in educational projects that can take much of the mystery and misery out of the buying and selling of graphic productions. The first president was William G. Moomey, an art director at Coors, and a year later the Club held its first annual show.

Counting down to the year 2000 the present day club has been displaying a retrospective of its past a little at a time. Starting at the October 1999 meeting, the original materials and creative work that was done between 1955 and 1960 was displayed. November’s meeting highlighted the years 1960 to 1965, and December showed you what was going on between 1965 and 1970. These small time capsules continued through 1999 and were wrapped up in the year 2000. Memorabilia was on display during the cocktail hour and special guests from our past were invited to attend.

It’s been fun and an ongoing celebration of creativity in the Rocky Mountain region with the people who have been part of ADCD’s past. Lots of good memories for those who have been around a while and inspiration for those new to the creative community who will carry the Club forward into the 21st century.
Robert W. Taylor

To order the “1955-2000 ADCD Past Present Future Book”, please send $5.00 (members) or $8.00 (nonmembers) plus $2.50 per book for shipping & handling to:

ADCD Past Present Future Book
P.O. Box 12245
Denver CO 80212

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