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Paper Fashion Show 2017 Winners

By Lindsay Buemi | Apr 13, 2017 | 0

Here are your 2017 Paper Fashion Show Winners!
To check out more photos from the show, visit our Facebook Page.

1st Place, Art Directors Spirit Award and DAVA Choice: 1st Place

Photography by Nino Silva

“Welcome to the Tea Party”
Paper: Mohawk Packaging
Inspiration: Welcome to the tea party is an Alice in wonderland inspired design. This design takes various elements from Lewis Carroll’s novel and the 1950’s Disney animation. Using different paper techniques Welcome to the Tea Party showcases some of the iconic characters such as the Caterpillar and the Cheshire Cat. So if you like a little madness just follow the white rabbit because it’s always tea time!


2nd Place

Photography by Nino Silva

“The Guardian”
Paper: Neenah Stardream
Team: The Hanger Etc.
Inspiration: “The Guardian, an angel sent to protect us in all of our endeavors. She is a vision of strength, power, grace, and beauty. This design was inspired by depictions of angels and goddesses throughout art history, including the Greek sculpture the Winged Victory of Samothrace, Byzantine mosaics, and Italian Renaissance paintings. We combined elements from each of these representations to create our ideal guardian angel.” Inspiration for The Guardian began with the memory of seeing the Winged Victory of Samothrace at the Louvre ten years ago. The breathtaking detail in her wings is forever burned into my mind. That sculpture was the starting point for the inspiration for this year’s paper fashion show design. Research on the goddess Victoria revealed that she was the symbol of victory over death and in all endeavors. Images of a winged woman were seen all over the Roman Empire, and after the Christianization, those figures evolved into Christian angels. This discovery lead to further research on depictions of angels throughout art history. I pulled inspiration from Byzantine mosaics showing large gold circles representing halos, Italian Renaissance paintings which had softer more ethereal portrayals of angels. After filtering through images of angels, goddesses, and warriors, as well as seeking some inspiration is Greek architecture (the meander pattern featured on the skirt), The Guardian was designed.


3rd Place and DAVA Choice: 2nd Place

Photography by Nino Silva

“Futuristic Alien Robot”
Paper: Aspire Petallics Metallic & Pearlescent papers, CTI Paper USA
Team: Factory 231
Inspiration: Our look is a glimpse into the future of high fashion and artificial intelligence. She’s part alien, part robot and through the use of technology her species continues to thrive.


Star Student

Photography by Nino Silva

Paper: Neenah Stardream Papers and Neenah So… Silk Paper
Team: Kayla Wolins
Inspiration: I wanted to showcase the beautiful colors of my paper in this design and how they glow in the light.

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