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Paper Fashion Show Event Lead: Anne Redureau

By ADCD | Apr 5, 2017 | 0


Anne Redureau

Owner, La Bulle Designs,; President, Art Directors Club of Denver; Event Lead, 13th Annual Paper Fashion Show

Why do you volunteer with Art Directors Club of Denver? Because it’s a non-profit organization which thrives on impacting the community positively, not only on a creative level but also on a human level. For example, ADCD donates to other programs, such as DAVA’s.

Why do you think ADCD is valuable to the creative community? Because it gathers talent from various creative fields and these connections make our local creative community stronger. The Paper Fashion Show, being the largest of its kind in the nation, helps put Denver on the map as well.

What advice would you give to young creatives? I would tell them to volunteer and get involved with creative events and organizations as early and as frequently as they can! Not only can it be beneficial to their professional network, it’s also inspirational to collaborate with other creative talents.

How do you balance volunteering for ADCD with your professional and personal life? To this day, leading this year’s Paper Fashion Show with a team of 60 volunteers is the largest event I’ve ever produced! As the president of ADCD, I also organize monthly events, so in order to find the right balance between volunteering, my work, and my personal life, I’ve learned to delegate more than ever to my team during this process. I’m truly fortunate to have a supportive family, as well as wonderful board members and volunteers!

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