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Paper Fashion Show Judge: Samuel Schimek

By ADCD | Mar 17, 2017 | 0

1. Why do you want to be a part of this year’s Paper Fashion show? I love the event and have attended several years in the past. My job at I Heart Denver Store includes critiquing new designs on a daily basis and I am excited to get to to do that as a judge for the show. Every year people come up with amazing designs. Taking on the challenge to determine the winner this year will be a blast.

2. How do you think your opinion as a judge will be beneficial? I tend to find the best designs show an ability to convince the viewer of your own vision. I spot designs that found their way around problems and make successful solutions out of them. My opinion should benefit the teams that put in every effort to make a fully rounded and complete work.

3. This show is all about the arts, tell me how you relate/contribute to the arts? As owner of the I Heart Denver Store I work daily to help Colorado artists and designers sell their work. We offer a unique model that gives more capital back to the creative with each sale. It is my passion to help local creatives find sustainability in their business model so that they can make their work a career and not just a passion.

4. Why is supporting DAVA ( downtown aurora visual arts) important? DAVA focuses on an area of the Denver Metro Area and needs more support and creative vitality. They have a truly wonderful program that produces real tangible results every day.

5. What are you most exciting for about the Paper Fashion show? I am most excited to see what unique treatments are used this year. I really want to see some pieces that are beautiful and also make the model look comfortable and excited to be on the runway.

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