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Paper Fashion Show Judge: Jason Belaire

By ADCD | Mar 13, 2017 | 0

Meet Jason Belaire, one of the 2017 Paper Fashion Show judges and check out some of his work.

Product shots for Agile Innovation Series for leading outdoor product brand, Kelty

Product shots for Agile Innovation Series for leading outdoor product brand, Kelty

1. Why do you want to be a part of this year’s Paper Fashion show? The Paper Fashion Show is a great example of why DENVER is becoming a huge influence in the creative world, competing with the stereotypical West coast and East Cost design influencers. I appreciate the effort for being inclusive with multidisciplinary creative organizations to come together and create their vision of what is aesthetically pleasing, relevant and innovative using paper as their medium. This is an over arching trend globally, connecting with other mindsets working together to create legacy worthy designs.

2. How do you think your opinion as a judge will be beneficial? As a product designer, innovator and overall design advocate, I put on design conferences, attend many as well. I currently hold the position of District Vice President for the West of the USA for IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America). I get to travel globally connecting to different subsets of the design world. I develop products that affords me the ability to look at products, designs and art with a very critical eye. Because I have worked many years with manufactrures I can appreciate the need for detail to make the product successful. As a photographer, I always tend to be drawn to things of beauty. I feel that this will aid me in the ability to truly appreciate the craftsmanship associated with each design presented at the PSF.

3. This show is all about the arts, how do you relate or contribute to the arts? As a photographer, I have shown my artwork over the years in various venues and galleries. I sit on the Presidential Advisory Board for AIGA Colorado. I also have co-created an informal group called the DENVER MIXER GROUP that puts on various events to help anyone who wants to learn about the different design/creative disciplines can attend and network with. Additionally, I have displayed some of the product I have designed at DAVA to help education the local community of the profession of Industrial Design.

4. Why is supporting DAVA (Downtown Aurora Visual Arts) important? DAVA plays a huge role in connecting the creative arts and businesses to a community that would benefit from knowing that there are options as a future career path. Additionally, during a time where public schools don’t always have resources for school art programs, DAVA can be an excellent alternative!

5. What are you most exciting about for the Paper Fashion show? Actually, being able to see a finished product that came to fruition based on a vision, communication, hard work is always exciting to me. Although I have been a judge in other industries, I have never judged this kind of an effort. I am super excited to experience creativity at its highest level!

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