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Creative Director – Four Winds Interactive

By ADCD | Aug 20, 2013 | 0

Position Description
Position Title: Creative Director
Location: Denver, CO (Headquarters)
FLSA Status: Full time, exempt

As a Creative Director, you will be the main idea person, engaging with our largest customers to help them explore what is possible, and pitching our world-class creative content services across industries and geographies. Your vision will drive the output of our creative services team. Your superior innovative thinking will guide all aspects of the creative process from sales to production.

You will have inherent interest in all things creative and digital, be aware of advances in the arena, with a portfolio to prove it. You will have experience building a creative business, including close partnership with Sales as well as Operations. You will be unusually comfortable speaking in front of stakeholders at all levels. With hands-on responsibility for leading the creative product – directing all work which passes through the creative department, you’ll be a big idea person who can lead and motivate.

In this most important role, you will be responsible for ensuring that our solutions captivate the imagination of our clients and their customers, that creative energy and innovation are fostered across the creative department, that the high quality of our work remains foremost, and that the team develops under your leadership.

We’re looking for someone with an agency background who can lead big initiatives, as well work with clients’ senior teams to brainstorm, lead, develop, critique and sign-off all creative work across multiple platforms and channels.

All applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.


  • Experience pitching, managing and growing large accounts
  • Industry-leading conceptual thinker who can lead and navigate creative development with visual problem solving, communication, and narrative development
  • Mastery of all forms of media including interactive design, digital content, illustration, motion, print and graphic design
  • Likely a designer by trade and background, with a strong portfolio that demonstrates a range of brand building, digital savvy, and relationship marketing executions
  • Served as a Creative Director, Managing Director and / or Executive Creative Director at a digital agency or brand agency
  • Can lead, motivate, inspire and grow a team of creative professionals

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead the development and delivery of creative solutions that build customer brands and strengthen customer engagement
  • Drive the collaborative efforts of the entire creative team across functions
  • Partner with department leaders to ensure creative standards are realized for all customer products
  • Evolve and develop the creative business with new offerings and capabilities
  • Responsible for awareness and communication of creative successes both internally and externally. Primary responsibility for creating, building and maintaining company creative reputation
  • Heavily engaged in and lead creative development for new business presentations
  • Create the optimum structure to provide effective, efficient development of creative product
  • Provide evaluation, mentorship, counsel and direct reports. Determines assignments, promotions, incentives applicable to creative team members
  • Monitor overall quality of creative department’s output and provides direction and leadership
  • Constantly work to improve communications and processes necessary for optimum creative output

Related Experience:

  • Bachelors or Masters Degree in Graphic Arts, Design, or Communications
  • Minimum 10-15 years creative management experience, strong credentials in art direction, and a positive track record in the development of successful, market-moving creative ideas. Strong strategic instincts
  • Excellent communication, mentoring, presentation, and leadership skills
  • Background in graphic fundamentals, print and digital design, brand development, and a superior understanding of marketing and advertising principals

Desired Characteristics:
Below is a summary taken from Felix Unger’s Article, “What Makes a Good Creative Director?” retrieved from The characteristics outlined below are desired for the role of creative director at Four Winds Interactive:

  • The creative director is the last line of defense – when no one else in the department knows or understands where to take the job – or how to tackle a problem – the creative director does it, and it’s usually annoyingly terrific.
  • The creative director gives specific feedback – their direction will be considered, constructive, smart and intelligible. After meeting with the creative director, the creative staff should have very specific direction on where to take the work.
  • The creative director is well-versed in all crafts. Great CDs have been copywriters, art directors, designers, and illustrators. But what matters is that although they are experts in one discipline, they understand all the crafts. They’ll know how to guide copywriters even if they can’t write a coherent sentence themselves.
  • The creative director is a selfless creative. They let the team flex their own creative muscles.
  • The creative director knows the latest trends.
  • The creative director will hire great creatives.
  • The creative director is well read.
  • The creative director produces work – they are not only department managers, agency politicians, slick salesmen, budget planners, strategists, therapists, red tape cutters, but they do the work too.
  • The creative director knows every creative brief intimately.
  • The creative director has a broad range of experience.
  • The creative director is a shepherd – they will not only keep the creatives in line, but will also keep the wolves from bringing them and their work down.
  • The creative director can sell or present anything, and do it well.
  • The creative director has the authority and confidence to make some big decisions, and should also take some firm stands against feedback that will either ruin the creative or demoralize the department.
  • The creative director knows how to motivate.
  • The creative director wants honest opinions, not nodding dogs.
  • Finally, the creative director improves the work.

Application Submission Instructions:
Please submit your application at:

Four Winds Interactive is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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