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The Student Brief Recap 2012

By ADCD | Oct 8, 2012 | 0


The Brief Recap and Winners

On October 25th, 2012 we held our annual Student Brief.  This Brief’s client this year was Mission Support. Mission Support is committed to the personal development and care of Denver area citizens who have intellectual developmental disabilities and are presently on the Medicaid Waiver waiting list for funds and critical services.

Unfortunately, the Medicaid Waiver waiting list is in crisis. More than 2,500 intellectually disabled people in Denver are without vital services. This crisis needs to be recognized and addressed. The assignment to the students this year was Create an impactful marketing campaign that brings Mission Supports to life and informs the Denver area public about Mission Supports’ goals and reasons of existing.

The winning team for the 2012 year Brief is:

Tim White, MSU Denver (Metro)
Scott Kretzmann, RMCAD
Lauren Kay Prather, University of Wyoming
Jodie Wyatt, UNC

The Winning Team’s Concept:

Face2Face puts a face to the issue while letting the community and potential donors connect with the individuals in need of assistance in a way that is tougher to ignore. The kickoff event will be several intellectually disabled adults and volunteers from Mission Supports wrapping gifts for shoppers on the 16th Street Mall on Black Friday. This event would be supplemented with online social media channels, physical flyers along the 16th Street Mall and in stores, and press releases. Each gift wrapped item would include a gift tag including a spot for the wrapper to sign their name to add the personal touch, as well as information about what Mission Supports does, who it helps, and donation information. The gift tag is meant to be a secondary point of contact with the gift receiver and strike up a conversation between the gift giver and receiver about Mission Supports and their cause. Additional events throughout the year would also be planned to continue the Face2Face campaign.


A big congrats to the wining team! Also a big thanks to TDA Boulder for providing the space for the event. Also a big thanks to Karsh Hagan for everything. Last, thank you to all the students and mentors who participated and helped contribute to making this year’s Brief a success.


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