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2012 ADCD Annual Show

By ADCD | Jul 30, 2012 | 0

Congrats Denver

The 2012 ADCD Annual Show Call-For-Enties yielded more than 400 entries from 66 different companies, agencies and independents. Your increased support has given us a better looking website at (Though, let’s face it. We all loved the dancing hamsters.)

So, we’re having it in the Holiday Inn ballroom. PSYCH! You really brought the noise, and we love you for it. You didn’t want to have the show in a sub-par location. You weren’t okay with just anyone off the street judging your work. You want a freaking awesome party, and freaking awesome judges.

The party is going down on September 28th in Denver. Buy your tickets here.

We’re almost there, and by there, we mean the brink of awesomeness, the likes of which Denver has never seen. The more the tickets sold the better the venue gets and the better the party gets. We’ve got a killer location and some crazy musical talent. Let’s bring it home.

You can help us throw the best party this ad scene has ever beheld by sponsoring and/or buying tickets to the event.

This could be a party where legends are created, babies are conceived, superheros are made.

For more sponsorship info, contact Katie Matteo at
Read more about the history of the show here.

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