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Winners of The Review

By ADCD | May 3, 2012 | 14

Art Directors Club of Denver and AIGA Colorado teamed up last Saturday, April 28th at local design agency, The Integer Group, to help Colorado and surrounding area college art students make it in the professional world by hosting the annual event, The Review. At The Review students get invaluable feedback on their portfolio as it is reviewed by up to five creative professionals and compete for scholarships and prizes.

Students presented their work to local agency designers, business owners and artists from many art disciplines such as digital design, web design, print design and photography, in one-on-one sessions, similar to an interview. The professionals gave feedback on the students work, how they can improve and advice on how to present their work to land their dream job.

A.J. Croce, ADCD Vice President and Elysia Syriac, AIGA President, reviewed the top portfolios and handed out a $500 scholarship and Adobe CS5.5 Creative Suite to the winner of each review session.

And the winners are…

Best Portfolio AM Session


Best Portfolio AM Session: Sandi Grigoryan, Fort Hays University

Honorable Mentions AM Session

Honorable Mention AM Session: Ryan Bosse, Fort Hays University

Honorable Mention AM Session: Travis Wall, University of Wyoming

Honorable Mention AM Session: Gary Staebler

Best Portfolio PM Session


Best Portfolio PM Session: Greg Jesse, Metro State

Honorable Mention PM Session

Honorable Mention PM Session: Ryan Keeney, Metro State

Honorable Mention PM Session: Amy Retureta, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design

Honorable Mention PM Session: Jenny Goring, Metro State

13 Responses

  1. Congrats to all the winners of The Review! This year we saw some of the best student work that we’ve ever seen. I am super excited to see what this class does as they graduate and enter the professional creative work force.

  2. […] Jesse won “Best Portfolio” at The Review, an annual event organized by Art Directors Club of Denver and AIGA Colorado. The Review provides […]

  3. When were master’s degree students permitted to win the Sophomore/Junior (AM) section? Or either section for that matter?

    Seems pretty unfair if you ask me. It’s like competing high school students with college undergraduates. Two very different levels.

    The PM guy graduated high school in 2000. I was 10 years old!

    I’ll make sure people know this next year…

  4. Ross, I’ll give you that it is unfair that grad students were competing. However, I fail to see your point about the age of the PM winner. It would be fair for a 40 year old to win if he/she was at the undergrad level. It is not uncommon for people to change career paths or go to school part time and they have no more schooling or experience than people you might find more ‘age appropriate’ like you or me.

    Maybe you should just take this as an opportunity to step up your game.

  5. @Jonathan

    I would be embarrassed if I were 40 years old competing against college students.
    But, hey, that’s just me.

    And don’t flatter yourself. I’d never compete in a competition this lame. But seeing as how you’re not listed, you better step up your game too.

  6. @Ross so you know the “grad” student you’re talking about has a bachelors degree in a different field and is only a second year design student. So get over and as Jonathan said if you’re upset about not winning step your game up.

    Really we’re all in it for feedback, a scholarship is an additional perk.

    Either way thanks to ADCD for all they do.

  7. @Sergey Again, I didn’t compete. And if you were so interested in “feedback” where were you at the other portfolio reviews this season? I didn’t see you at any?

    Additionally, you’re only saying that because she’s your mom… Literally.

  8. What brilliant work! I particularly love the elegant branding on the oil. Just the right style of paper, feel and I’m guessing there was a smell component as well? It is slightly gimmicky though, pretty much what everyone else does but it works. Basically, I’d pick it off a shelf if I saw it in a supermarket.

  9. Im really glad to see more talent coming out of the University of Wyoming. They have really turned their Graphic Design program around. With a great professor (J. Venn) and a brand new facility id keep your eye out for more from UW.

  10. i was a colleague and fellow classmate to the winner of the pm competition (i competed as well) and i think you have absolutely no right to talk about his age (p.s he/s not actually 40.) he won for a good reason, and also, he was not a master/s student, he got a BFA at metro with me after the review even happened. i don/t like arguing over comment feeds but saw this and wanted to stand up for my very awesome and talented friend.

    like the others said. step up your game.

  11. The winner also got a job with a well respected firm right out of school. Did you?

  12. PEOPLE! Greg is a great designer. You guys should really stop freaking out so much. I NEVER said that any of the winners weren’t amazing designers.

    I am upset at the competition. The main point here, if you would have read what I said originally and done your research, is that the “AM” winner (sophomore/junior group) was a Master’s Degree student.

    Every single student in a bachelor’s program should be upset too! There are way too many design competitions that allow this to happen. And think about it: how is anyone earning a bachelor’s degree going to win anything if we are constantly competing against master’s students? Is the only way to win a competition like this one is to be a master’s student or be 30 years old?

    I say, no! They should have their own category, like how we are separated from high schoolers.

    That’s all… Sorry you felt the need to stick up for your friends… But really. We should all contact AIGA and ask for separate categories so that we have an equal chance at competing.

  13. @John Did you? Ya know, he’s your competition too. Who says that? Lol

    Unless, of course, he is you…

  14. Fair enough :]
    sorry I got defensive, just sticking up for a great guy.

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