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9th Annual Art Bus: Review

By ADCD | Dec 6, 2011 | 0

By Randall Bellows III
With a keg in the back and several 12 packs scattered about the bus, it was truly a memorable night, but only to a point. I’ll admit, at first I thought going to Art Bus was just about having a beer or two/getting drunk and having a good time with great people… But I was sorely wrong. It was about all that, PLUS we got to see some truly unexpected and amazing places in the Denver art scene. Places that even I, as a Denver Art Scener of 10 years, had never been too.

The first stop on the Art Bus was a gallery on East Colfax that had your standard oil paintings, but the next stop was Plus Gallery, a gallery with a very bold visual style and LA feel. It was like walking out of Denver and into West Hollywood, except when you walked back out again, it was cold… We also stopped by legendary photographers Christopher R. Perez and Viviane le Courtois’s house to experience black and whites straight out of the Chelsea District in New York City. Last stop for the evening was Illiterate, a personal favorite of mine.

The mood became goofier as the night went on and everyone had their share of drinks. It really was a good night and I would do it all over again, or relive it in my head even, if I could remember.

Big thanks to our beer sponsor Emporia! Here are a few photos I took of the event, to view more, visit our facebook page.

Thank you sir.

Checking out some art work.

Viviane le Courtois

I'm on a bus!

Amazing work.


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